Step out of the dark and into the brilliance of a new color continuum. Infuse the white of life with visceral, vibrant energy. Harness the power of the exotic to create, entice, define. Embrace the chromatic collision of Color Reform Spectrum.
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12.25 Ft x 17.27 Ft
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Inspired by the philosophy that all colors possess inherent energies, the Color Reform concept defies the boundaries of the artisanal over-dying process. Utilizing chromatic palettes as a conduit to transform space and personal experience, this continuously perfected design concept breathes
new life into interiors through intense and unexpected color variations.
Color Reform Spectrum is the latest manifestation of the iconic series of artistic-dyed rugs from ABC Carpet & Home. Combining tradition with design innovation, ABC works hand in hand with local artisans in a remote, mountainous region of Pakistan, as each rug is intricately hand-knotted using centuries-old
techniques. Harnessing the natural energy of the sun, the rugs are laid to dry, neutralizing them of their original color; then individually over-dyed and washed by artisans who use each rug as a canvas for their creative expression. The result is remarkable chromatic compositions that reflect a unique,
artistic creation, while still retaining the essence of original design—one-of-a-kind works of art organically reborn through color.
The Campaign
The campaign was captured through the lens of internationally renowned interior and portrait photographer Jason Madara. Shot in an abandoned early 20th century house in upstate New York, the rugs were photographed against the weathered and imperfect textures of dilapidated doors and naturally
crumbling façades. Madara’s exquisite sense of balance and beauty captures each piece as a painterly-like composition, appearing alive and visceral in its vivid stillness.
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